Gardening & Cooking Classes spring 2023
Gardening & Cooking Classes spring 2023
Gardening & Cooking Classes spring 2023
Gardening & Cooking Classes spring 2023
Gardening & Cooking Classes spring 2023
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Gardening & Cooking Classes spring 2023

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Take a look at all the classes offered in the gardening program. All in-person dates TBA. Recordings are available. Our first seed starting class will begin in mid-April. Select the wait list option above, it will be added to your cart. NO credit card info required yet. Continue and finish the check out process with your contact information. You'll be added to the waitlist. Once available, we will reach out with class dates to choose from.  

Buy 3 classes get 1 half price. Buy all classes get 1 free, learn everything for $175.00 instead of $210.00 

Presenting to you: Gardening for holistic healing & self-resilience. 

Gardening provides you and your family with delicious, fresh, healthy food. Along with saving you on food costs! 

Many studies are showing how intertwined nature is to our mental well-being. 

Gardening is one way to add those holistic healing benefits, to your self-care routine. 
Getting you outside. In the soil out of your mind. Meditate. Dream. Read. Journal. Grow good food. Eat. Drink tea. Right in your backyard.  

Along with being a sanctuary, knowing how to grow your own food, make your own herbal remedies & pantry items, can bring you a sense of self-resilience and empowerment. Helping to lower your ecological footprint. Take some pressure off the food supply chain. 

The idea of gardening can sound like a time-pressure commitment.

by taking these classes I will teach your how to simplify your garden to fit it within your busy lifestyle, giving you tricks of the trade so it's less of a learning curve. You will be given a good foundation of knowledge.

Class dates: TBA 

Hosted Online & in-person starting spring 2023. 

Seed starting!  
   What to plant indoors now for a plentiful harvest. When to direct sow outdoor in spring, harvest in the fall. Plan out your space with companion planting & square-foot methods. Learn windowsill, balcony container, and backyard gardening, and which style would fit best for your busy lifestyle. $35.00

Medicinal garden. Learn how to grow medicinal herbs & perennials native to Alberta. $35.00 

  Soil amendments.
Learn to build healthy soil with the no-  till method. Build your own compost. Make your own worm compost tea. To grow strong large plants, you need good soil. $35.00

Resilient gardening.
Learn natural permaculture methods for pests, hail, and animal protection, rainwater harvesting. Vital Garden Maintenance. Easy methods to thin, weed, and water

Herbal Remedy. Pantry classes:

These 2 options are also great if you just can't find the time or the space to garden. You can still build your resilient pantry with locally grown plants too! 

  Harvesting herbals. How to harvest and store flowers leaves and roots. To be used in teas, salves, oils. Recipes included $35.00

   Prepare your pantry. Learn to preserve your harvest, or food bought from local market. Condiments such as pesto, herbal-infused vinegar, honey +more. Recipes included. $35.00

Can't make it these days? No worries you will receive the recording to watch on your own time.  

Stay tuned and subscribe here for more harvesting, cooking & preserving classes that you can use with homegrown, or food bought from your local market. Fall 2022.

After purchasing any ticket you will receive instructions to join the class  24hours before the class date. If purchasing after the class date you will receive the recording within 48hours. 

What will you get from these classes? 

-Live demonstrations 

-Highly valuable knowledge and skills to make you feel self-empowered and resilient. It will make you feel less afraid of the unknown. Giving you the inspiring push to make gardening your hobby. 

-Lifetime access to ask questions.
It can be discouraging to do something and it fails. That’s why you will have continued support.

-Learn ways to save time, and realize gardening itself isn’t that demanding. You just have to plan it right for your lifestyle.  

-Lifetime access to recordings, PDF files, recipes.

Now, why not just get all this information for free from blogs or youtube? 

Searching through blog after blog, video after video can be quite time-consuming. Plus when you have extra questions, leaving them in the comments or emailing typically doesn’t get you a quick response. AND then is even more time-consuming to google search your additional questions. 

By joining these classes you will learn everything within 2 hours, get 1:1 support, ask all your questions during class, get a live response, or email with a response within 48 hours. 

Select all or pick and choose in the drop-down menu above. Buy now and take advantage of our limited-time sale: Buy 3 classes get 1 half price (automatically applied in the cart).
Buy all classes get 1 for free, learn everything for $175.00 instead of $210.00. (To get 1 free the option is conveniently in the drop down menu above, no need to individually add all classes) 

Who am I? 

My name is Ruby!! I’ve been a passionate gardener past 5 years.
Before that, a passive gardener for 5 years, studying, and volunteering on farms, until I finally pushed past all the fears, and stopped my addiction to Netflix. I was looking for a different life and realized I needed more self care in my daily routine. So I found my passion... Gardening! A rewarding hobby, that makes me feel empowered, self-resilient, and peaceful knowing that I have a self-care sanctuary to come home to. I feel more rest assured knowing I can garden, and preserve food! 

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side. Join us to learn, grow, be empowered, heal yourself and the planet.