Our story

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About Ruby's Healing Garden

Ruby's Healing Garden is a nurturing oasis dedicated to cultivating wellness, sustainability, and community connection.

Founded on the principles of local living and eco-conscioutsness. Our journey b

egan in our gardens, blossoming into a passion for growing plants and crafting high-quality, affordable products in harmony with nature.


Our Mission

Our objective is to enhance self-care, empowerment, and creativity in your life. We strive to be a beacon of holistic wellness and provide a healing oasis.

Image of flowers in nature.
Skin Repaire Salve 85g

Our Value

At our core, we value sustainability, community support, and kindness. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, sourcing from local farms and locally owned or Canadian companies, and fostering genuine human connections with our clients, suppliers, and staff.

Our Goal

Led by our founder Ruby, a Certified Herbalist and PassionateGardener, our goal is to continue growing as a heart-centeredbusiness, expanding our product offerings and workshops toenrich the lives of our customers.
Ruby Martin holidng flowers inside of her garden.

‘Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.’

Maya Angelou