Our story


Welcome to our healing oasis! 

Our company grew from the desire to live a local, eco-friendly life, starting in our own gardens.
We now love growing plants, working with local farms & companies to create these high-quality, affordable products for you.
Along with teaching various workshops.

We are committed to supporting our local agriculture & community.
Striving to use the most eco-friendly options, while always finding better solutions when available.
We believe in being a heart-centered business, approaching all clients, suppliers & staff with kindness & true human connection.

Thank you for supporting a Local business owned by Women!


Our founder Ruby is a Certified Herbalist & Passionate Gardener.

She has been involved in the organic, regenerative agriculture & holistic wellness industries for almost a decade. Graduate of Wild Rose College. Ruby loves to share the secrets of successful gardening, natural fabric dyeing + more.
And loves formulating herbal infused products for you to feel happy & healthy.

Her mission is to enhance self-care, empowerment & creativity in your life.

You will find her in the garden! Her personal sanctuary & place of inspiration for these products & classes.

organic locally grown skincare