Hisbiscus Lip & Face Balm 14g.
Hisbiscus Lip & Face Balm 14g
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Hibiscus LipBalm. Compostable Tube 14g

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Are you passionate about eco-friendliness? We're thrilled to introduce our deeply moisturizing lip balm, now available in a fully biodegradable tube! Toss it into your compost with confidence.

It's heartening to witness more industries embracing earth-friendly solutions, and we're proud to contribute to this movement. Our lip balm boasts a luxurious blend of Hibiscus seed oil, Olive oil*, Coconut oil*, Sunflower seed oil, Beeswax, and non-GMO Vitamin E oil derived from soy.

Hibiscus not only lends a delightful texture but also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth, making it perfect for hydrating dry, chapped lips or even your face.

Here are the details: Enjoy a subtle sweet-coconut scent in a generous 14g tube, larger than your average 4g lip balm yet still travel-friendly and easy to apply. *Certified organic ingredients.

We're all about supporting local: our beeswax comes from YYC beekeepers, while the remaining herbs are sourced from local companies partnering with ethical farms.

Important Note: While this product is gentle on most skin types, some may experience heightened sensitivity. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and rinse thoroughly. We recommend a 24-hour skin patch test, and if any adverse reactions persist, consult a healthcare professional. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a healthcare practitioner before use.

Enjoy guilt-free moisturization with our eco-friendly lip balm!